“The Internet is the industry of our generation”

Last night a classic artist said this statement to me and the truth of it has inspired me to reflect on my life a bit.

I have been very fortunate to have played a role in this industry and helped shape it’s growth.   Computers found me at the early age of 7 when I started writing BASIC programs on my father’s TRS-80.  By 1994 I was an avid gamer and had developed my first website working for a small ISP.   Though I studied studio art, graphic art and Japanese, my career continued to pull me down the path of Internet development. The next decade was a cube-farm vision of web development firms, then the department of defense and then finally I was invited to work as a technical sales executive designing and deploying large enterprise networked systems for Fortune 500 companies.

Ten years ago I saw the rise in consumer broadband and digital media devices as the fertile ground to launch a video sharing website. Maybe I “caught a case of the Mondays” but I am sure I was Inspired by Napster and Bit Torrent.  Regardless of how it happened we put together a team the launched Vidiac in 2004, the first video sharing site and an early ancestor to the now popular YouTube.  By 2007 we had a thriving vertical community in the Motorsport space, so we launched funded and later sold StreetFire.   Determined to do it again, I pulled together some partners and started AutoStream which became DRIVE.

Presently I live and work in San Francisco, advising start ups in the community tools space, and am building a VRLab at Gamenest.

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